WordPress Plugin Development in London

Do you want to extend the functionality of your WordPress website, using a custom developer plugin ?

Do you want to customise an existing plugin ?

Do you want to pull in data to your website via an API or web service ?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then we can help. We’re WordPress Plugin Developers.

We have written lots of plugins for clients and customised many plugins also, to allow them to behaviour as a client as wanted. We have deep knowledge of the WordPress system and how it is structured under the hood, such as what database tables do what and so on.

Plugins can very to the very simple to the very involved depending on your needs, maybe you just want to add few fields to a form, or adapt an existing plugin to leverage its functionality but give it much more functionality. Whole WordPress applications are developed form plugins good examples are Woocommerce, Buddypress, Gravity Forms and many many more. Whatever its is that you want your plugin todo, we can develop it to do so.

Here’s an example of a very plugin on our blog to add a field to Woocommerce that will be very useful to Order Pickers to notify them of important facts about an order ( and for the store owner to be able to save these notes on the order, so that the Orders pickers can see the important note, click here to see the custom plugin).