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Woocommerce How to easy add product categories to your menu

By June 2, 2015 Woocommerce, Wordpress
woocommerce display categories on menu

In Woocommerce its very easy to add the product categories to a menu, but it can have those new to WordPress or Woocommerce scratching their heads as to how to do this (without diving into the code).

Add product categories to your menu

All you need todo is following:

1. on the menus page (appearance -> menus )  go to the top and click to display screen options

2. then tick Product Categories (they will appear with the other menu items)

3. add the categories that you want to the menu

4. finally save the menu and your done

So there you have it, thats how easy it is to add product categories to your menu in Woocommerce. If you have a shop or want to setup a shop to sell online get in touch and see how i can help you.




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