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Woocommerce – Add an Important Admin Note to the Order Report for Order pickers to view

In this article I’ll show you how to add an Important Admin Note to the Order Report, very useful if there’s some information you want to add for Order pickers to view. For instance maybe the item is fragile you can highlight this to the order picker.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 15.21.07

This plugin allows you to enter an Admin note on the order and then displays this note on order report screen.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 15.23.27

If you just want to get the plugin please click here to download the plugin. The rest of this article will run over how to create a plugin like this, so if you have an interest int he programming side of wordpress, this is for you.

Essentially to write this plugin we need todo 3 things:

  1. display the important Order Note input field on Woocommerce edit order screen
  2. save it when needed (i.e. when you save the order)
  3. display the note (in red in the graphic above) on the Woocommerce Order Report

So lets dive in:

Display the important Order Note input field on Woocommerce edit order screen

To display the order note field we need to do something like this (below). Print out the html for the text input field and add some explanatory note for the admin user.


Save it when needed (i.e. when you save the order)

In the code below I’m saving the Import Order Note, and before doing so checking that its valid.



Display the note (in red in the graphic above) on the Woocommerce Order Report

In this function I use the relevant hook to drop my Import Order Note into the Order Report in the correct place.


I hope you found that interesting, if you need any help with Programming WordPress or Woocommerce please get in touch.

Disclaimer: All content on this site, is use at your own risk (Always backup before changing anything in your software/database/servers etc). Techs change, go out of date etc...
I/we accept no liability if anything you use on this site adversely affects you.


  • You save my life man! I have search 2 days on google and finally I found your article! I wonder why you don’t upload this plugin to wordpress page so everyone can find it easily!

    BTW how can I add more custom field ?

    • louie171 says:

      hi David,

      glad you found it useful, yeah maybe I’ll put it on WordPress as a plugin one of the days ( never enough time for these things…)

      if you have some alittle programming knowledge you can setup another custom field in a similar way ( google wordpress how to add a custom field tutorial ). if not maybe try something like codeable to find an expert to do.

  • Dave says:

    I’m testing this out on a client site running WordPress 5.2 and WooCommerce 3.6.2.
    The plugin activates and each order has a field for the Important Order Note. That part works well. But on the Order overview list, any new Important Order Note is not added to the dom.
    Any thoughts on what might be going on?

  • louie171 says:

    hi Dave,

    At a guess I would say that maybe Woocommerce doesn’t call the relevant call back ( do_action) any more. I know there have been changes to the order report lately by Woocommerce.

    So this probably needs to be called somewhere else I guess: add_action(“manage_shop_order_posts_custom_column”, “greenbox_order_extra_columns_content”);

    I’ll try and come back and update the code at some point when I get some time ….

  • Thanks Louie,

    I’ll try to take a look as well, though php isn’t my strong suit. Will let you know if I find anything…

  • Ben says:

    Hi, did anybody ever resolve the issue of the note not displaying on the order list? Thanks

  • Marc says:

    Downloaded the plugin and it doesn’t work anymore. hope there is an updated version of this.

    • louie171 says:

      Sorry to hear that Mark. Have you tried this on a vanilla site to ensure something else is not interfering with it ( ie use 2020 theme and switch off all plugins except Woocommerce ).

      I haven’t looked at this plugin in some years, but I may well do an updated version one of the days (time is the great enemy, very busy with client work at the moment ).

  • Marc says:

    thanks for the reply, looking at this article, it has been a few years already , 4 years to be exact and looking around for a plugin to address our issue and this plugin should be perfect if it worked displaying admin notes on the order report screen.

    the text field do appear on the order but it is not displayed in the order page.

  • Marc says:

    oh sorry it still does work, it just shows on ship to rather than bill to in order page. sorry for overlooking this

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