See whos not following me on Twitter (using Javascript)

Recently I was looking for a way to see whos not following me on Twitter ( who I was following on Twitter that wasn’t following me back).

There seem to be a few websites that do this but you need to sign up for an account and so on. I just wanted something I could quickly type in the browser and be done (I’m rather impatient sometimes).

So a quick search of the web threw up some code that I could copy and paste to let me see whos not following me on Twitter. I’m going to run through how to use this.

1. Goto twitter and login to your account

2. Goto your following page (  important: scroll down the page so that all your followers are loaded, like below


See whos not following me on Twitter


3. Open your browers Javascript console ( in Chrome you do this by going to View -> Developer -> Javascript Console). On Firefox you can goto tools menu -> web developer -> Scratchpad.




4. Paste the following into the console and run it ( in Chrome just press return after pasting it into the console) (in Firefox click run button after pasting the code into it)


Finally just look at the page to to see whos not following you on Twitter. Your non-followers will be in a pinky purplish color as below.


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 18.47.03


Hope you found this useful ! The smallprint: I provide no warranty or maintenance for this use at your own risk.

Many thanks to Brien Givens for the original code used to see whos not following me on twitter that can be viewed here.


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