Running Docker on AWS

Recently I wanted to use my Java Tomcat Docker image on AWS to run a spring boot app.

I looked at the various ways of setting this up ECS (Elastic Container), and found it to be a load of hassle ( for what I needed , I don’t need Kubernetes style functionality , just a one server for messing about with ).

I found the most straight forward way todo this is:

  • setup an EC2 instance
  • with latest AMI Linux operating system
  • sudo yum install docker
  • put Dockerfile / compose file in place
  • sudo service docker start
  • then standard docker commands ( so much easier ), to run your app / stack
  • open the relevant port in AWS portal ( eg 80 , 443 )
  • hit the DNS name of the server and you’ll see your app

check out this article:


how to install docker-compose


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