• Vixen and Blush of London – Luxury Hair Extensions

    Vixen and Blush needed a new ecommerce website, to enable them to sell their luxury hair extensions online. They required a custom website with branding and luxury feel. The high end feel of the website was achieved with good photography and input from my graphic designer.

  • gardening store selling pots and planters

    Floraselect Pots and Planters Garden Store

    Floraselect needed an ecommerce expert to help them move forward with their Garden Pots and Planters online store. I’m helping them maintain and improve their website. As well as providing advice on their SEO to help increase the number of visitors coming to the website.

  • kookeli craft supplies online store

    Kookeli – Woocommerce

    This is an ecommerce website for Kookeli a Craft supplies company based London, UK. The website has a custom theme with branding, and many bespoke features (especially in the admin section, to facilitate easy order pickering etc). The project contains all the standard setup for an ecommerce store including Tax/VAT , worldwide shipping, payment gateway […]

  • Lead Generation Bespoke Web App

    This is a lead generation website that captures leads from public facing part of the website, which are then be routed to cleaners via email and/or SMS to be purchased. It is part of a group of websites I did for this client.

  • online store with a subscriptions system

    Ecommerce Store (Fruit Drinks) uses subscriptions system

    This is store that sells bespoke fruit drinks, this store has a subscriptions system as well as normal pay for one off purchase system.

  • ecommerce store selling watches

    Ecommerce Store that selling Luxury Watches

    This is a Woocommerce store that specialises in the retailing of second hand luxury watches such as Rolex, Cartier and so on.