custom ecommerce website
Nutri-Bombz came to us as they wanted to redevelop their Health Foods subscription box website on the Wordpress / Woocommerce platform.
  • Wordpress / Woocommerce (Ecommerce Store)
  • Subscriptions
  • Migration of customers and subscriptions from Legacy system
  • Custom programming
  • Integration with factory packing machine
  • Ongoing maintenance and development
  • Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Nutri Bombz are a company that sell healthy gluten free snacks made from natural ingredients. They do this by selling subscription boxes with a selection of their snacks. Nutri Bombz had a website already that was developed some years ago. They came to me as they wanted to refresh the website and move it to the Wordpress / Woocommerce platform using the Subscriptions plugin to handle recurring payments. It was important to allow the customer the choice of being able to pick their snack selection by using a likes system ( based on this the boxes are prepared ), I developed this and integrated it with their existing packing machine, to minimise the manual work needed in the packing and distribution of the snack boxes. Since the introduction of the new website, sales are growing and I'm actively involved in the maintenance and ongoing SEO on the website. And by the way the snacks they sell are very moorish and great they are healthy. If you would like to see the healthy snack selection system and the very yummy snacks such as salted caramel and choccy protein boost, have a look here.