Onsite SEO for Ecommerce websites 2016

In this post I’m going to talk about some of the things you can do to improve your Online Store’s visibility in Search Engines such as Google. To get more sales of your products and services. Onsite SEO for Ecommerce websites isn’t difficult but does require some perseverance.

Onsite SEO for Ecommerce websites

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate

This means encrypting communication between a users computer and the server that your website is on. Google has added this as a ranking factor in its search algorithm and it will also give your customers and potential customers more confidence in your website when they land on it (i.e. help increase conversions).

Unique Product Descriptions

Many online stores use the manufacturer’s description of a product on the product page on your website. The problem with this is Google doesn’t like duplicate data, so if you can write your own product description this is going to benefit your website ranking. Use tools like Googles Adword Keyphase planner to get ideas or tools like keyword checker to see what other stores are doing.

Speed of page loading

Another important ranking factor for Google is how quickly your pages load. Check out Googles PageSpeed insights to see how quickly your page loads from Googles perspective.

Use the Alt tag on images (especially on the product page)

Its another useful ranking signal (and there are tools that can automate it for you), that can help boost your product/s pages above the competition.

Product Reviews

Try to get your customers writing product reviews (maybe incentivise them with a discount). You will get unique natural content about your products. That search engines will like and boost you up abit more.

NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) in footer on every page

Another factor the search engines like is your Name , Address and Phone number clearly stated on every page.  Also use the itemprop attribute for every part of the address and phone number e.g. for phone number something like this: <p itemprop=”telephone”>873873873</p>

Offsite SEO Bonus Tip: Link Building is Dead

I know the tips here are onsite but I just thought I’d throw this one in as well. Alot of inbound links are no good (or very little good). The links that google likes are links that have been put there in editorial content, ie in the middle of an article / page etc.

The type of links that are pretty useless for SEO purposes are blog and forums comments and signatures etc. So be very careful about paying people todo offsite SEO link building.


There you have some of the ways that Onsite SEO for Ecommerce websites can help you start to rise above your competition and get more sales. If you would me to help with your Ecommerce SEO contact me to discuss an Ecommerce SEO package tailored to your needs.










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