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How to use Twitter to market your Business or Website

By February 13, 2014 Marketing, SEO, Social Media
using twitter for marketing your business

In this article I’m going to explain some of the ways to use Twitter to market your business.

Twitter can be a great way for a business to market their products and services, if used effectively.

What is Twitter and why should it matter to my business ?

Twitter is a communication tool for the whole planet, to write short messages on any subject imaginable. People and businesses follow those that interest them to find out what they’re up to. Thats really it in a nutshell.

Used effectively Twitter can be like a radio station (on steroids) for your business. Think of your followers as the listeners and you as the DJ , you’ve got a captivated audience to market to. But remember the audience doesn’t always want to hear ads, so give them something of value too maybe something useful , maybe something funny. Remember this and you will use Twitter to market your business highly effectively.

Using Twitter to market your business and build business relationships

Twitter is a great place to network with other businesses in your local area e.g. Bromley, London (for me) or your field of expertise in my case WordPress Development. You can find these businesses simply by searching in Twitter and then engaging with these businesses by Tweeting to them by using their name e.g. if you wanted to Tweet to me you would do something like this: ‘hello there @greenboxweb’ , you can also reply to , retweet and favourite their tweets using the appropriate twitter buttons. Below is an example of client thanking me for some WordPress development work.

professional wordpress booking form

This way you can engage in conversations with people (don’t forget to follow them often they will follow you back ). This way you can let Twitter market your business

UK Business hour hashtags

Another great way to engage (and use Twitter to market your business) is by seeking out relevant hashtags and tweeting to that hashtag. For example many local businesses in Bromley, South London keep an eye on the hashtags #BeckBromFL and #bromleyhour , by watching and tweeting to these you will get to know other businesses in Bromley.

There are many hour hashtags for areas of the UK such as #HullHour, #LiverpoolHour, #LondonHour these have become massively popular for local business networking. What happens is 1 hour per week ( often Thursdays at 8pm – 9pm ), businesses watch and tweet to these hashtags. This allows local businesses to connect, refer, recommend each other and so on (similiar to real world face to face networking).  See below alittle of the latest #bromleyhour

Twitter to market your business


Using Twitter to publicise offers and promote your services

Twitter is a great way to publicise special offers you might be running (or twitter only special offers).

  • Special offers e.g.  ‘we’re offering 25% off all main meals this weekend at @TheOldHouseRestaurant’
  • Free loss lenders for lead generation e.g. ‘we offer a free website SEO audit of your site and 15 min telephone consultation’
  • Content marketing (to gain your business reputation for expertise) e.g. A web developer might say ‘Did you know simply by repeating keywords on your homepage you can increase your leads from google’

I hope I’ve showed you some helpful the ways to use Twitter to market your business.

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