Laravel Development Agency London

When you need to develop a website or web application, that requires alot of customisation / bespoke features, to achieve this level of customisation often alot of code needs to be written.

This is where a modern web application framework is worth its weight in gold. The PHP framework Laravel is a great choice to develop custom web applications in. The main reason why:

Speed of development

The Laravel framework, contains many libraries and much pre-written code to help speed up development. What Laravel provides takes many months of development off a project.

At our Agency we’re an experts in the PHP Laravel framework and can build any kind of system you want with it, we have built numerous systems in it ranging from a platform for a property startup to a daily deals type of website.

Please see our testimonials page for accounts from our happy customers. If your looking for a highly experienced Laravel Development company please get in touch please see our contact page.

Overview of Custom Application Development

The typical process for custom development runs along these lines:

Conduct a Discovery session with you the client, this involves sitting down with you and your team ideally in person (but it can be done remotely over Skype). We’re London based, but can travel.

Following on from this produce a sitemap and wireframes, then produce high fidelity designs and start the development of the web application, followed by testing and revising as required. Your feedback is required throughout.

Full stack developers in London

We’re full stack developers, and use many tools and technologies in the development of your product, some examples of these are:

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • React
  • sass / less
  • Bootstrap
  • Git – version control
  • Gulp
  • Vue js