Freelance React Developer London

I’m a London based developer skilled in Javascript and the great React framework. I’m a front and backend developer (i.e. a Full stack developer ).

I’ve been a working as a developer for 17 years, in that time I’ve worked in a number of different technologies but all of them with a focus on website and web application development. For the past 2 years I’ve been working with React (but I’ve been programming in Javascript for 17 years).

If your looking to develop a SPA (Single Page Application) in React, I can help. If you want to back that with data served via Web Services or GraphQL , I can also do that for you.

I’ve worked with lots of big, small and medium sized companies and organisations. If you have a  requirement to develop a web application please get in touch and lets have a chat.

Please take a look at my testimonials.

These are some of the technologies I use:

HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, Webpack, Gatsby, React, Git, PHP, Laravel, SQL , WordPress

If you’d like to know abit more about the React Development framework, read about it here.