Full Stack Developer in London, UK

I’m a highly experienced Full stack web / software developer , with many years experience working in a variety of programming languages, databases and tools. I can develop custom / bespoke software or use existing off the shelf solutions and customise them, we will use the right tool for the job and not reinvent the wheel.

I’m an expert in designing and building web applications in an agile, user centric fashion. From research and discovery to wire frames and building prototypes and final versions.

As a full stack developer, I can handle all the front end development (html, css, javascript) as well as all the back end development ( server code and frameworks, API development and database design and development).

I’ve built all sorts of web applications for our clients, please look at the portfolio section.

If your looking for a highly proficient freelance software developer,  who has a passion for what I do, please get in touch.

I specialise in these technologies:

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • Mysql / Oracle / SQLServer
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript ( raw js as well as libraries such as Jquery and Vuejs )

php programming code

Please also check out our blog where you can find loads of posts and snippets on all sorts of web programming.