Force a Woocommerce website to use ssl on https

Alot of clients want to have their website on SSL. As its good for customers to see your website on SSL and google also likes this so can give you alittle SEO boost too.

In this post I’ll show you have to have your WordPress (Woocommerce) website served on SSL.

The first thing todo is alter the general setting page so that http becomes https:

force woocommerce to use SSL (secure sockets layer)

We also need to alter the htaccess file like below to force everything to be redirected to SSL.

alter woocommerce htaccess file to force SSL


Your nearly there ! After that you may need todo a find and replace on your database to find things like hardcoded links in your posts (for example in your blog).

e.g. things like this (often images in your posts have links like this), need to be:

And thats it done your on SSL. You will of course need an SSL certificate setup for your website to get the nice lock in the browser URL bar, that will make your clients happy and buy loads of stuff from you. Here’s another good article on SSL for WordPress that goes into abit more detail than I’ve done here.



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