Digital Product Design and Development Agency in London


We love making things here at Green Box – The Digital product development people in London.

If your looking to develop a digital product or a Digital Service, why not come and have a chat to us to see if we can help. We build in an agile, user centric fashion.

Typically we work along these lines

  • Research
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Iterate as required

Research your Digital Product or Digital Service

Maybe you’ve done this already, if not it’s important to look at the use cases for your Digital Product or Service and who will use it. This minimises the risk of failure, by building what we know is needed and not building something that nobody wants or needs. This is done by getting together talking about the project in detail and brainstorming. Defining the potential users then going and interviewing them with regards to the Digital Service or Product to get their thoughts and feedback.


Once you know who and what, it’s time to build the product – this will be things like wireframing pages (drawing out the key features to see how they look and rearranging to be in the most logic and UX proper way (UX = User Experience, building so that it feels natural and useful to the user). We’ll also map out flows (user journeys) and a site map ( if its a web application ). This way we know what to build. We may also produce high fidelity designs at this stage, depending on the project.

Build – Firstly an MVP (minimum viable product)

First we look at the best tools to build your product (is there anything out there that can give us a starting point to speed up development such as a WordPress plugin), or it might be using a programming framework like Laravel to build. We’ll build this and get your feedback and ideally some real world user feedback also. We’ll build in an agile fashion getting your feedback early.


Testing to iron out any bugs, but also to get your feedback and user feedback to, iterate the product into the next stage, eg version 1, version 1.1 and so on.


The iteration stage is important to evolve the product into the best it can be.


Come and talk to use about your Digital Service Design or Digital Product design.