How to choose a Theme for your WordPress Website

Choosing a Theme for your WordPress website is one of the most important steps of getting your website setup.

However with the millions of themes to choose from how do you pick the right one? In this post I’m going to give you some advice to help you choose a good theme and avoid some pitfalls.

Responsive (mobile friendly)

Responsive WordPress Web DesignIts important to choose a theme that is device Responsive, this means it should look good on all devices from Desktop computers with large screens to tablets and mobile phones. But don’t just take the Theme developers word for it check what it looks like, the Responsinator website makes this easy.

Where to get your theme

There are many places on the internet to get WordPress themes from one of the largest selections of themes is Theme Forest , when buying a theme from a website like this make sure and look at the star rating of the theme designer and also the comments/feedback. Another option to consider is companies that sell premium themes Studiopress are a good example of this, they have a reputation for high quality: well developed, tested, secure and built in SEO ( Matt Mullenweg creator of WordPress recommends them). Another option is from the WordPress website, there are many great free themes there (however with good free themes, you might start noticing lots of other websites have the same theme).

Does the Theme suit your brand

Its very important to choose a theme that will represent your brand well, or can be customised to do so easily (by you or your WordPress Developer). If your selling scooters to elderly people, its probably best to avoid themes with too small text or jazzy effects ( like playing loud music as soon as the theme loads).

I help this advice helps you choose a great theme for your website, if you need a WordPress Developer or any WordPress Training contact me for a free consultation.

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