In WordPress Recent Posts Widget , only show posts tagged with the current page url


Buddypress cheat sheet

in Member loop / directory – show xprofile fields

Just find the field in wp-admin and pop into the function above and echo it.  

Buddypress hide the top level tabs from users ( e.g. hide the group tab)

This is to hide the top level tabs from users. Based on this code from the buddypress forums.


WordPress on Windows IIS permissions error – uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads

Recently I’ve been developing a WordPress Intranet for a company that runs on Windows hosting ( IIS 6 –¬†Internet Information Services ). I ran into a problem with file permissions and not being able to write to the wp-content/uploads directory, I’ve ran into the same problem with unix many times (which alittle bit of recursive … Read more