Exporting Forum data from BBPress

This is how to export data from BBPress, which would be useful if you wanted to migrate from BBPress to another forum platform. Its straight SQL export direct from the mysql database, with things like forum posts (topics ) and forum replies, as well as some other data including users ( and their user ids … Read more

WordPress SQL snippets

A place to keep snippets of useful WordPress SQL. Do a select based on some meta field of a post ( i.e. search for a post that has a particular metafield  )

In the example above I’m searching for posts with a value for id_vim_node.¬†This is based on this code from stackexchange Output WP_Query … Read more

Handy Woocommerce SQL queries

This post is just a place to store handy SQL queries for Woocommerce. Get Order and all its information

Generate an Orders report and specific information about the orders (eg things like order date, shipping address etc)

    Get Users and billing and shipping addresses in Woocommerce

this bit of sql … Read more