How to engage your staff using your Intranet

In this article, we’ll look at some ideas for useful things to have on your intranet and how to use these to help engage your Employees, members or Volunteers. What are the benefits of engaged staff ? Happy workforce ( productive workforce, helps business be more profitable) Low Staff turnover ( saves money in recruitment … Read more

Buddypress how to remove tabs from groups sub tabs ( eg remove Delete group)

This code is based on a post from the buddypress forums tested on Buddypress 2.9.2  ( forum states its compatible from BP 2.6+). In this example we remove the Delete tab and also permission so that user can’t try and goto the url to access it. Note there are numerous other examples / versions of … Read more

WordPress SQL snippets

A place to keep snippets of useful WordPress SQL. Do a select based on some meta field of a post ( i.e. search for a post that has a particular metafield  )

In the example above I’m searching for posts with a value for id_vim_node. This is based on this code from stackexchange Output WP_Query … Read more

How to get a users Roles and how to list all WordPress roles in PHP

This code is handy if you want to find out a users role/s. You could expand it and check if a user has a given role or similar.

This code is based on examples from: and If you did want to check if the user is in a certain group you could … Read more