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Ecommerce tips to help increase sales

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In this post I’m going to give some tips to help you increase your sales.

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Speed – Make your website load quickly

Customers like fast sites they can browse quickly and find what they need. Slow loading pages will make many potential customers go to elsewhere site to buy, bottom line you lose money.

There are lots of ways to increase website speed including:

  • Fast hosting (you get what you pay )
  • Caching (this can bring big gains)
  • CDNs (content distribution networks)

There are many other ways check out this article I wrote on speeding up WordPress if you’d like abit more depth on some of these.

Monitor Uptime

How often do you check your site uptime ? If you don’t you could be missing out on loads of sales because of site downtime. Check out monitoring tools such as pingdom.

Test your website on different Devices

Check does it look good and is it easy to navigate on mobiles, tablet etc… A website that is hard to navigate = lost sales. Its essential you test this after updating themes , plugins etc …


Abandoned Carts / Cancelled Orders

Alot of the big retailers woo these customers back by offering a discount/voucher code. You could (and maybe should) be doing the same.

Make your Offers prominent

If you are running an offer or incentive, don’t hide this away put it somewhere it can easily be seen by the Customer, a good example if to place a banner on all pages.

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Email Signup

Your best customers are your existing customers, why? Because if they have purchased from you before and like your product / service, they are likely to buy from you again. But sometimes you need to remind them you exist. This is why it’s important to capture customer/fan email addresses and get them signed up to your newsletter.

Ask for Product Reviews

Let your customers generate new content for you, boosts SEO (and more people find you). You could offer a voucher code to incentivise.

Get Social

  1. Post onto social networks as you add products, this generates good quality relevant inbound links to your website.
  2. Put social links in your customer emails, lots of customers will ignore them, but some will tweet etc… Again free inbound links

The feedback I’ve had over the last few months suggests that Pinterest and Instagram are best for promoting products (probably because of their more visual appeal).


Outreach to Blogs in your niche/field

Do promotions, asking bloggers in your niche (bloggers that have a good following), to feature your promotion.

Closed Feedback Solutions (such as Feefo)

Systems like Feefo only allow real reviews, and Google trusts them and bases its staring system on such systems.


Try out Heatmaps

This can help you see how people are using your website and help with insights, see plugins such as this for an example.


I hope you find these tips useful to increasing your ecommerce website sales.

web design grow your business

Web Design how to grow your business

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Its nearly the end of the year so I’ve decided to look at what I’ve done this year to grow my web design business and what I can do to grow my web design business next year.

First a little background, at the start of the year one of my main clients went out of business. I was heavily reliant on this client (very much a case of all my eggs in one basket), this severely affected my income.

1. Increase your client base (to grow your business)

This year my aim was to increase my web design client base.  I have been trying out different ways to gain new clients see my article ( I found SEO to be the most effective way to get new clients contacting me by finding my website, the result being I gained about 15 new clients this year).

2. Sell to your existing clients

Its much easier to sell to existing clients than new clients as you already have a relationship with your clients and they know you are good at your job.

In the past I’ve just let the work roll in from my one main client (who had an endless stream of ongoing work). However many of my new clients want a website and the odd bit of work here and there (no more everlasting stream of income). In the new year my aim is to sell more to my existing clients (but sell things that are useful to them, for example looking at each clients site and seeing what useful things I could add or improve).

  • online booking or other useful forms
  • installing useful plugins (like a good SEO plugin)
  • user login areas for customers (e.g. a photographer I do work for wants this so customers can login and view their photos)

3. Develop monthly packages (recurring income streams)

This year I’ll develop products and services that will be beneficial to my clients but will also give me a recurring monthly income from my clients. Some of the ideas for packages I have include the following:

  • Maintenance and upgrades to WordPress sites
  • SEO
  • Adword campaigns
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Email marketing

So there you have it that’s the plan for the next year. I’ll post an update or a new article later in the year to let you know how  I’m getting on.

Feel free to follow my example to grow your business.

Digital Marketing

How to automatically market your website on social networks

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In this post I’m going to describe how to automatically market your website on social networks (using WordPress).

Social media networks are a great way to tell the world about your website. However posting to various social media networks like twitter, facebook, google plus and so on can be a time consuming process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just create great posts on your website and automatically promote your website on multiple social networks. Well you can ! And I’m going to tell you how.

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