The Bromley in London Coworking group

This is page dedicated to the Bromley in London coworking group for freelancers, small business etc to come along and do some work in the company of other freelancers.

I started this group as a way to get out of the house and do some work with other freelancers locally.

update: June 2019 – There is going to be a co-working space opening in Bromley in 2019, for updates check out this:

We meetup once a month for a morning of coworking (4 hours from 8am to 12 ).

We meet at a secret location, why secret I hear you ask. Well its secret as we want to limit it to other genuine freelancers, I organised a public coworking group on some time ago. Lots of people turned up (all very nice), however they wanted to have a chat and abit of coffee morning, which isn’t what we’re about. The aim of this group is about doing work, with abit of chat much like working in a traditional office.

The group contains a mix of business types from web design (like me) , graphic design, solicitor, an accountant. It doesn’t matter what sector your in you’ll be welcome along.

freelance coworking group in bromley

So drop me an email if you’d like to come along. We usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.




16 thoughts on “The Bromley in London Coworking group”

  1. hi Alejandra,

    unfortunately we don’t have a space as such. We meetup in a coffee shop usually.

    I think there’s a real need for coworking space your looking for but there’s nothing currently like that in Bromley (that I’m aware of).

    • hi Ursula

      We haven’t met for alittle while (been meaning to organise one for awhile, I’ve been abit lazy as I’ve started coworking in Catford at the Dek).

      But I’ll certainly contact you the next time we schedule one. Would be good to have a chat to you, looks like you have some complementary skills 🙂

        • hi Ursula,

          I do like working at the Dek, its nice because it feels like I’m actually going to work. working from home can be isolating, so its nice to have abit of chat to some of the others in the office sometimes (without too much chat if you know what I mean, everyone is there to work).

          Its a real shame that there’s nothing like this in Bromley.

  2. I am looking to open a co-work office in Bromley and have just started funding and detailed research. Part of the research is to see if there is a market so if anyone would like to get in touch so I could ask a few questions that would be great.
    I am not an office owner etc I am a graphic designer working from home and couldn’t find a place to work in Bromley.

    • hi Ewan,

      I think there is a need for this. Like you say there’s nothing available. I’ll ping you an email also. You can certainly ask me any questions you want.

  3. Do you still do monthly sessions? It looks like you now have a permanent address in Catford and that there is an office space in Bromley, but I don’t want to pay a monthly subscription until my business is really up and running.

    • hey Fab, check out contingent works , there are a number of options such as £75 and £150 per month ( you need to add VAT eg 150 becomes £180 if including VAT ).


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