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September 2020

How to speed up Web Development in Java

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This is an article I’m currently working on (its just rough notes at the moment).

Java features ( Java 8 and beyond )

eg var for variables in methods

Spring Boot

Can be up and running as fast as a Laravel app ( can even have a prod grade server, so just start server and you’re good)

Spring Dev Tools – Spring fast restrarts

JRebel ( rem costs £400 per year )

Spring STS Eclipse

Clean Code

Make it obvious was code does from variable and function names. Reading less code, saves alot of time.

Testing – use BDD tests

BDD gives the most bang for the buck, when it comes to testing your code works, fine grained TDD tests will slow development.


For handy annotations such as @Data to remove boiler plate but will have the relevant stuff compiled into the class (such as getters, setters, toSting ). Automatic getter/setters on wrapper type classes save reading through code.

IDE – use its full power

Some good tips here e.g. save actions ( eg format source on save )

Use the your owe predefined templates for common actions

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