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November 2017

WordPress on Windows IIS permissions error – uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads

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Recently I’ve been developing a WordPress Intranet for a company that runs on Windows hosting ( IIS 6 – Internet Information Services ).

I ran into a problem with file permissions and not being able to write to the wp-content/uploads directory, I’ve ran into the same problem with unix many times (which alittle bit of recursive chmoding usually sorts out or just chgrp www-data, the user many hosts run apache as ).

What I was trying todo was add a picture to a post and it gave me the error:  uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads

With Windows its alittle different, here’s what I did:Wordpress on Windows IIS file permissions error

  1. right clicked the wp-content folder and clicked properties
  2. selected security tab
  3. Added the Authenticated Users group
  4. Added Modify permission to that group ( this then applies this recursively through wp-content , uploads etc …)
  5. retried uploading a picture to post, and all good.


uploads file permission error


This is also a good resource I did roughly whats in step 1 here (except with a different group)—the-uploaded-file-could-not-be-moved–solved-.html , I didn’t need to apply step 2.




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