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October 2014

beginners guide to using yoast seo

Using Yoast WordPress SEO plugin to optimise your blog posts

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In this beginners guide to using Yoast SEO plugin, I’ll show you how to search engine optimise your posts to gain you more hits, leads and sales.

My process for writing blog posts typically goes like this:

1. Think of a subject matter that my customers and/or potential customers will find interesting

2. Use Google keyword tool to get some ideas of keyphases to use in the blog post

3. Write the blog post

4. And finally optimise the article using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin

I’m not going to go into 1-3, here I will discuss 4 ( using Yoast WordPress seo plugin ). Firstly you need to download and install the plugin from for your version of WordPress.

Next create or edit a blog post or page. A previous article I wrote about online booking forms contained the phrase ‘Online Booking Form to WordPress’ see image below. As you can see I’ve set the phrase and then repeated it in the key areas title , description … ( for SEO fundamentals see here). Yoast SEO plugin lets me to this very easily by filling in the relevant fields.

using yoast plugin in wordpress


After filling in these the next thing you need todo is look at the Page Analysis tab, this is like a scoring for your page to see how well you are doing on certain standard SEO metrics. You need to make as many of the little circles turn green as possible. The more ticks (green circles) the better search engine optimised your page will be.

For example as you can see from the image below this is highlighted amber ‘The images on this page do not have alt tags containing your keyword / phrase.’ To get this metric to turn green make sure when uploading an image to include the alt tags (or edit the image then add an alt tag). Having images and images with alt tags (meaningfully filled in ), will in turn make google score your page higher, using Yoast Wordpress seo plugin will put you above the competition.


seo keyword metric in yoast wordpress plugin


Here I have given you the most important parts of the SEO tool to utilise. There are many more useful features that you can find out about by playing with the plugin and reading the docs over at . Have fun I hope you have enjoyed my beginners guide to using Yoast SEO plugin and watch the leads roll in.

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