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I'm a Freelance developer specialising in web applications

WordPress Websites

We’re a Web Design and Development Agency in South East London, we use WordPress or Laravel for many of our projects.

We understand your audience supporters/donors, service users and the general public. We can tailor the experience to maximise the achievement of your goals and your users needs.

Click here Charity Web Design if you’d like to know more specifically about Charity and Not for Profit web design.

Much of our work is using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) and/or the Laravel and React Programming frameworks. We are experts in using Javascript for modern user interface (UI) development.

API Integration

Do you need to import data to display on your website or application, or export data to somewhere else.

We’re experts in API integration, from web services using json or xml to communicate data to legacy systems that use older formats such as csv’s (comma separated values) or fixed width fields. We can help !

  • CRM integration such as Salesforce and Hubspot integration with your website
  • Payment integration such as Paypal, Stripe and so on

Web Applications

Do you need to improve or automate a process by using the power of the web ?We take an agile user centric approach to developing web applications:

  • research
  • wireframes
  • build prototype
  • get client / user feedback
  • iterate prototype (repeat last 2 steps until we have the right product)

Using this agile approach ensures a successful, useful product/application is developed. The web is a great medium automating your processes, because there’s no need for no need for specialist software to be installed on a users machine. We’re Full Stack web developers and use frameworks such as Laravel and React to speed development time.

Single Sign On (SSO)

These days we have that many applications that we use it can be frustrating and time consuming to remember passwords and keep having to sign into different applications. This can be alleviated by using Single Sign On technologies such as Oauth, SAML , LDAP and Active Directory. Need to talk to an expert, talk to us.

Recent work

Agile User Centric Web Development

When building bespoke systems we recommend working to an Agile methodology, more about our Digital Agency.

What this means is developing a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and then building improved versions of this based on user feedback. Working in this way enables a project to stay on track and deliver a product / website  / web application that satisfies the needs of the users.

Prior to the MVP being built its vital that user research is carried out to validate the idea and confirm the product being built is needed.

What people say about us

I have worked with Green Box on a number of projects over a number of years and their work has been excellent each time. Their work rate is exceptional and they are able to hit deadlines without any issues. They are also patient with client requests and even more impressive is that they actually understand the user experience and can guide a web-based project with this in mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Lee McGarrigalCEO Coursefeeder

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